Nolan Gasser holds a Ph.D. in Musicology from Stanford University, where he has served as an Adjunct Professor, teaching courses on Medieval and Renaissance music history to undergraduate music majors. His most renowned accomplishment as a musicologist is via his role as Architect of Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project, whereby he directed and defined the musical operation that stands behind the wildly successful Internet Radio service.

Nolan’s forthcoming book, The Musical Genome: What Science and Musicology Reveal About Our Musical Taste, has been enthusiastically requested by several book agents and publishers, and will see the light of day hopefully soon. In the meantime, Nolan has accepted an increasing number of speaking engagements in a wide variety of forums, both public and private – in which he combines his experiences at Pandora, with his expertise on the interrelation of music and science (mathematics, physics, biology, neuroscience, genetics) to explain the origins and nature of our collective and individual musical taste – combined with a good deal of humor and even piano performance, when a piano is available.

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Nolan is the Chief Musicologist Emeritus for Pandora Media, Inc. (, and the principal architect of the Music Genome Project that is the backbone of the wildly successful Pandora Internet Radio service. Among his more recent large-scale activities at Pandora, Nolan designed the latest and final Music Genome, the Classical Genome, whereby Pandora Classical was launched in early 2008, to rave reviews.  This completed his work in designing all six Genomes at Pandora (Pop/Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronica, World, Classical). Pandora has established itself as the leading Internet radio provider, with over 100 million registered users in the US alone, and among the most popular applications offered on Apple's iPhone and other mobile devices (including the iPad). Indeed, with its foray into multiple automobile audio systems (such as Ford’s Sync system), the company is well on its way to completely re-defining radio – with its goal of “Pandora Everywhere”. A detailed interview on Nolan’s work as architect of the Music Genome Project recently appeared in the technology journal Ars Technica. To view the Ars Technica article, click here.

Nolan likewise holds the position as Artistic Director of the Classical Archives website (, a position he has held since 2002 – although his activities at the site have recently decreased due to his other demands. Classical Archives re-launched in May 2009 with a new service and interface, offering streaming and downloads of the full classical catalogues of the Major and Independent classical labels, along with an unmatched system of search and navigation, special features, and much more. Nolan’s musicological work at Classical Archives can be seen not only in his oversight of the musical database and the site’s musical presentation, but likewise in the many Exclusive Features created under his direction – including interviews with such musical luminaries as Vladimir Ashkenazy, Hilary Hahn, John Corigliano, René Fleming, Paul Hillier, Joshua Bell, David Finckel and Wu Han, Alan Gilbert, and many others (see

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